Health service information

A team of Nursing students helped Temuka residents find out more about their health services.

The five students started their project by finding out what they could about the Temuka community and availability of health services there. This investigation included 20 interviews and identified a number of health issues that impacted this community. The Timaru-based students were supervised by Raeleen Thompson.

Amongst the health issues they identified was a lack of access to health services, in part due to a lack of awareness of some of the health services on offer or how to access them. To address this need the team designed a brochure that provided health service information tailored for Temuka residents. Their project report also included many other recommendations of actions that the Temuka community could take to improve health and wellbeing. 

The students also decided that rather than simply send their report to key stakeholders, they would present their recommendations in person. They invited 25 key people to this community feedback evening, providing nametags, music and supper. Their guests, who had not all previously met each other, were appreciative and took the opportunity to discuss the recommendations. An organisation, St John, agreed to help with printing and distribution of the 4,500 copies of the students' brochures to Temuka households.

Image copyright "Seamoor" (Flickr), used under Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC 2.0

January 2019