Rural men's health

A group of Nursing students are encouraging men to seek medical advice.

We know that men on average die younger than women, but nevertheless they are less likely to seek expert advice about their health. 

A group of our Nursing students looked into the issues with a focus on Southland men. They found that a significant barrier for men seeking medical advice was New Zealand's strong "she'll be right" attitude. This is particularly so for men for whom the staunch "Southern Man" image is influential and something they aspire to.

Their solution was to design and produce a car air freshener aimed at men, because a high proportion of the male population own a vehicle. These air fresheners are being distributed free through Warrant of Fitness providers in Invercargill, while supplies last. With a picture of a ute, the message is "I've got my WOF - Time for you to get yours".

Image credit: Alex Proimos, used under Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC 2.0

May 2019