Would you like to have Sport, Exercise and Health students working with your team or in your organisation?

Is your business any of the following?

  • Sports team
  • Fitness centre
  • Sports club
  • School
  • Community health organisation
  • A workplace encouraging employee wellness

Our students are looking for sports industry experience. At the highest level our postgraduate students can deliver added value for your team or organisation in any of the following fields:

  • Performance analysis
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Exercise & Health

And at undergraduate level our students can help you to improve the health of your community, for example by developing and delivering unique health and fitness programmes.

As well as receiving the value of what they do, you will be contributing to our students’ learning, helping to ensure that they gain the skills you need our graduates to have.

To discuss joining our strong network of sports industry partners, please contact us:

Read examples of what our students have been doing: