Counting the beat

The development of a new app will enable runners to match their running cadence to the beats-per-minute of popular music.

Runners try to keep in step with the beat of the music they are listening to. As a result there are negative physical effects of listening to asynchronous (off-beat) music when running. An increased risk of injury or exertion associated with frequent changes in running cadence due to being out of step with the music. 

Student Jordan Frost designed an online survey, which was distributed to Dunedin Parkrun participants and gained 80 responses. The most popular genre to listen to when running was pop. The majority (57%) of runners focused on the beat of the song when choosing what to listen to. These results suggest that there might be a need for a music and running app, which he is now in the process of developing.

“The objective for my project was to create a mock-up music and running app. This will be displayed through a video that communicates how to use the app when running. The mock-up will provide participants with a visual, interactive, and audio experience of the app. The feedback participants provide will then help me with the development process of my app. It’s a music and running app that enables users to be able to match the bpm (beats per minute) of the song with their running cadence. Users would find their beat, select their tempo, and off they go!"

March 2022

Image credit: John Loo, Creative Commons Attribution licence CC BY 2.0.