IRON Warriors

Our students are supporting physical rehabilitation efforts.

After a series of strokes left him with locked-in syndrome at the age of 27, Nick Chisholm refused to give up hope. He returned to the gym to develop formidable physical strength despite his loss of fine motor skills. Nick is the inspiration behind IRON Warriors, an informal group of people based at SkyFitness24 gym in Dunedin who are working on rehabilitation after injury.

Some of the students at Otago Polytechnic's Institute of Sport and Adventure have had the opportunity to meet Nick when carrying out their work placement at SkyFitness24. As they contribute their time and energy to work with gym members, the students are learning about rehabilitation. 

It's an important lesson, about the importance of repetition, and how rewarding it is to see results. When individuals make progress physically they also gain hope and confidence.

June 2018

Image credit: SkyFitness24. All rights reserved.