Architectural Studies

Can you offer an internship for a student?

Third year students in our Bachelor of Architectural Studies programme have the opportunity to undertake an internship within the industry in which they will practice. Industry internships need to be with architectural practices, including interior architecture, and an architectural designer’s or technologist’s practice. You will be helping ensure that our students graduate ready to be effective at work in the industry.

This opportunity is limited to our best students, with a B+ or higher average mark across their second year courses, so that the experience is valuable for both you and the student. Internships are from 90 to 120 hours of work. Students are receiving course credit for their learning so the internships are generally unpaid, however employing a student part time in an architectural practice may also fulfil the internship requirements.

The goal of the internship is that each student will:

  1. Synthesise their skills, knowledge and capabilities and apply these in an authentic context.
  2. Critique their application of skills, knowledge and capabilities in the context.

More information about internship processes and requirements is attached. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a possible internship.