Immersive recovery

It's not just the treatment; the hospital environment can also aid recovery.

Research shows that exposure to nature helps speed up recovery from injury and ill health. Jordan Mitchell, one of our Architectural Studies graduates, chose to re-envision a hospital ward as his final year studio project. 

Jordan chose to focus on the surgery ward in the current Dunedin Public Hospital to work within the constraints of an existing building. His redesign has fewer beds, to comply with the latest standards. Materials are also code compliant for the hospital environment. Louvres control sunlight entering from outside.

Jordan used natural colours and light to create an atmosphere that emulates nature. The corridor features a "beech tree canopy" with back lighting that changes throughout the day. LED spots imitate sunlight filtered through the crowns of trees. These ideas are highly relevant for consideration in design and fitout of Dunedin's new hospital.


March 2021

Image credit: Jordan Mitchell, used with permission