Social spaces plus

Our interior design students have been working on concepts for a building that will provide both social and educational spaces.

The introduction of a beer brewing course at Otago Polytechnic's Central Otago campus means that a new craft brewery will be constructed. This created an opportunity to engage our third year interior design students in developing concepts for the craft brewery. Their brief was:

  • Interior to house  brewing equipment, a bar, a beer tasting area, social spaces, and a teaching and learning space for students and staff
  • Integration of interior and exterior space for easy movement between the controlled brewing environment and the natural landscape
  • An extension of the social spaces to provide options for guests in a variety of weather conditions, and
  • Exercising ecological responsibility including utilisation of natural resources on or near the site.

One of the students, Rachael Magner, drew on inspiration from the alluvial miners of Central Otago who panned for gold in the gravelly waters during the 19th century. Her Alluvial concept used the idea of sedimentation, from fine and loose stone particles to the densely compacted. She referenced the multi-layered effect in the local landscape in her use of three materials - rammed earth, Corten steel and glass - which transition from heavy to light, soft to hard, coarse to smooth, and solid to transparent. This selection of materials also connects with the barren dry qualities of the land and the luminosity of the Central Otago sky.