Occupational Therapy research submissions

Our Master of Occupational Therapy students develop advanced skills through independent research that is both practice both focused and relevant. Online learning options enable them to study from home while in work, and are tailored to meet their individual needs while contributing to the profession’s research base and focusing on occupation as the domain of concern. 

Enhancing practice through enquiry
I k¯a whet¯u, ka whakatere te waka
Master of Occupational Therapy theses

Student name

Title of thesis

Date of award

Orange, Monica Maintaining client mental well-being within a physical health setting through therapeutic mechanisms: A scoping review for occupational therapy 2021-11-12
Venn, Hayley Interactive reflective dialogue to support learning on role-emerging placements: It’s all about sensemaking!  2021-11-12
Roberts, Louise What matters to me? Photovoice with people living with severe mental illness 2021-03-16
Priest, Becki Understanding the implementation of individual placement and support evidence-based practices from Māori perspectives  2020-02-21
Holland, Michelle Valuing support workers 2020-02-21
Armitage, Nadja The current perception of the occupational therapy profession in New Zealand 2020-02-21
Esteves, Mark The perspectives of NASC service coordinators on the use of self-assessment 2019-11-27
Cathcart, Heidi Engaging with poverty: A New Zealand occupational therapy perspective 2019-11-27
Underwood, Marcia You have to get into their world: Exploring parents' experiences of missed therapy appointments 2018-11-23
Webster,  Jayne S. Should I stay or should I go? Factors influencing retention of occupational therapists working in mental health services in New Zealand 2017-11-17
McMullan, Keri Self-regulation, scooters and low vision: The practice of self-regulation by older adults with low vision when they use a mobility scooter 2017-11-17
Laban, Deidre Social media and mental health: A narrative literature review 2017-11-17
Jeffery, Helen Just another approach: New Zealand occupational therapists' use of adventure therapy 2014-12-02
Sunderland, James The Taieri Blokes' Shed: An ethnographic study 2013-11-29
Whitcombe-Shingler, Maria Adult perspectives and experiences using multifunction power wheelchairs in Aotearoa, New Zealand 2013-03-08
Kinney, Penelope Jane Exploring connectedness: The meaning of transition experiences for patients within a forensic psychiatric service  2012-03-09
Robinson, Rita  Teaching handwriting - More than writing the alphabet  2008-12-12