Sport, Exercise and Health research submissions

Our Master of Applied Science students specialise in Performance Analysis, Physical Conditioning, or Exercise and Health.  

Master of Applied Science theses

 Student name

Title of thesis

Date of award

Ellis, Brianna

Athletes’ perceptions of performance


Hogue, Laura

Exercise classes for falls prevention: Older men’s participation and perspectives


Kelly, Lauren

Developing a protocol for an online exercise program for
cerebral palsy clients using 'Physitrack'


Matapo-Kolisko, Martine

Experiences of physical activity and exercise in cancer
patients and survivors using Te Whare Tapa Whā


Armfield, Mackenzie

Exploring barriers and motivators to exercise for people with pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes


Purdon, Lily

Inter-rater reliability using a modified Balance Error Scoring System


Spenceley, Kate

Exploring their dark side or death before DNF: Ultra-athletes' motivation to compete in and complete ultra-distance races


Armstrong, Andrew Clarifying the role of the strength and conditioning coach in athlete rehabilitation 2021-03-31
Abernethy, Bryce Performance benefit of DYNO machine v compound resistance training for semi-professional rowers 2020-09-23

Al-Attar, Jay

Training load and its progression from an amateur to semi-professional environment in rugby union


Persico, Ricci The effect of Fast Eccentric Squats on measures of strength, power and speed 2020-09-08

Dickey, Leaha

Working conditions of performance analysts in Oceania

Jones, Bennett Working conditions of strength and conditioning coaches in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands  2020-01-31

Moffatt, Stuart

Factors influencing player engagement with performance analysis in a New Zealand national league football club


Blakely, Caitlin Athlete, coach and staff perceptions of critical moments in elite New Zealand women's field hockey games


Higgins, Anna

An investigation into the use of video and performance analysis systems and design in Cycling New Zealand and the team pursuit discipline



Waugh, David

Musculoskeletal pain among New Zealand-based veterinarians: How the physical performance of veterinary work and mental wellbeing influence this experience