Blending tikanga with management for effective practice

Author: Stewart Whyte

Blending Tikanga with Management for Effective Practice

Stewart Whyte
2 December 2016

Whyte, S. (2016). Blending Tikanga with Management for Effective Practice. (A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Professional Practice, Otago Polytechnic.) [PDF 1.4MB]


I have chosen one statement from my research that sums up the nature of this project.
It’s recognising that every person has mana, no person’s mana exceeds that of anyone else – it’s actually the opposite of that, we tend to think that someone has more mana when they whakamana others, when they lift up and make larger someone than they really are’.
(Michael Paku:2016)

This research project predominantly focusses on two Aotearoa New Zealand businesses and examines the value each has derived from practising specific elements of Tikanga Maori me Te Ao Maori (the Maori world, Maori values) which have been blended into their business(operational) settings. The research conducted will lead us to examine if the two worlds can be blended together incorporating elements of both to enable authentic and effective practice within our unique and very special whenua (land) Aotearoa New Zealand, and specifically examine and discover if benefits can be found which would lead to a meaningful contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand society. It is presented within a conversational context and a survey has been conducted to gather information in support of the views of this writer.

Keywords: tikanga, management, blended, practice, iwi, Ngati Kahungunu

This research was supervised by Glenys Forsyth.


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