Our people - A leadership development programme for Cardrona Alpine Resort

Author: Hannah Budd

Our people - a leadership development programme for Cardrona Alpine Resort

Hannah Budd
17 December 2018


Budd, H (2018). Our people - a leadership development programme for Cardrona Alpine Resort. (Executive Summary of a thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Professional Practice) [PDF 237KB]


The main purpose of my MProfPrac project was to discover who I was as a leader and become the best people leader I possibly can. During this project programme I wanted to facilitate open discussions with the management team. It was hoped this would give them the space to reflect on what we do now for the wider leadership team, but also, what we do with our own leadership teams. It was hoped that the outcome would be a Cardrona capability framework and a pilot series of coaching sessions for our leadership team to be trialled during the 2018 winter season. I wanted to create a project that has the potential to bring about cultural change across my organisation and better equip our leadership and management teams to deal with change.

Personally, this was about looking inwards and discovering what my leadership practice was like and what gaps I had. I wanted to gain an understanding of how each department within our organisation leads their teams and an understanding of the development needs required to lead the various teams across Cardrona. By sharing with my peers, I wanted to develop some tools and approaches to leading my team and above all I wanted to feel more confident.

Key words: Leadership development.


This thesis is not publicly available. The Executive Summary is available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence CC-BY 4.0 International.

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