Civil Engineering Projects


Malik street

Making his mark

Student Adarsh Malik

Saw stools IMG 2252

Broken record

Student Gemma Huang

Luciano Crudo 1

Manual adjustment of manholes

Student Lucianos Marco Crudo

stacking sticks Oregon Department of Forestry CC BY 2.0

A timesheet at your fingertips

Student Abdullah Faisal

Forsyth Barr Stadium Dunedin uglybob nz 22 Oct 2011 CC BY SA 2.0

Carpark redesign

Student Lukas Kan

Clearwater Civil IMG 2346 cropped v2

Washbay design

Student Jake Samson

Taieri Plans Mr Thinktank 21 Dec 2009 Attribution 2.0 Generic CC BY 2.0

Managing flooding

Student Zaaid Shah