Novel Electric Vehicle Design

Ziming Qi, Xu Zhao, Kuang Ma, Matthew King

School of Architecture, Building and Engineering

Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand

Wei-Chen Lee, Ji-Wei Lin, Shao-Min Lee

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taipei, Taiwan



This paper presents a safety analysis method based on mass re-distribution experiment of the novel 4-Wheel Independent in-wheel-motor Drive and Independent Steering Electrical Vehicle (4WIDIS EV), which has four independent wheel units with the central engine, gearbox and steering mechanism all removed, as each independent unit has an in-wheel motor with its own steering control system.

A central control unit is used to coordinate the 4 wheels and translate the driver’s input to the wheels so that there is no mechanical link between these wheel units. In such a design, as compare to traditional vehicle, the mass distribution could be more flexible.

Based on this flexibility and extra space, the method is proposed to experiment the distribution of mass by re-arranging the battery pack(s) in the vehicle to improve the safety

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