Hogarth animals

Symposium: Animals at the Edge.

27th of September 2019



The symposium seeks to bring together scientists, lawyers, artists, conservation and community groups to examine the conditions of ethical responsibility, representations of animals, and anthropomorphism and why it is more important than ever to think with animals. What does the term thinking with animals mean in relation to factory farming, the anthropomorphism of Disney, the curation of animal collections in museums and galleries and conservation efforts to save local indigenous species, climate crisis, habitat loss and extinction rates?


This symposium will be hosted by the Sculpture Department at Dunedin School of Art, and Research at Otago Polytechnic.

The symposium will be free to the public.

Presenters will include Rachel Allan, Michele Beevors, Emma Burns, Tori Clearwater, Jim Fyfe, David Green, Adrian Hall, Bridie Lonie, Madison Kelly, Irena Kennedy, Elaine Mitchell, Hiltrun Ratz, Kari Schmidt, Rohana Weaver



Dunedin School of Art

Otgao Polytechnic

Room p152


27th September 2019



Lunch and other refreshments will be provided during the day.

For Further Information please contact Michele Beevors



Ph : 03 479605