A Dunedin exhibition has been inspiring an audience in Shanghai.

Forty-five works were chosen for the exhibition from nearly 200 submissions. Otago Polytechnic’s Professor Margo Barton and Senior Lecturer Jane Malthus curated the exhibition alongside the City Council’s Antony Deaker. The 32 artists and designers represented included our lecturers Jane Venis, Steev Peyroux,  Rachel Allan, Alex Kennedy and Anita de Soto along with graduates from the School of Design and the Dunedin School of Art and other artists and designers with links to Dunedin.

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull, attended the opening and says the exhibition builds on the success of the long standing sister city relationship between Dunedin and Shanghai. "Not only does it highlight the strong cultural ties between the two cities, it also provides important economic opportunities for our creative, education and tourism sectors. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase Dunedin,” says Mr Cull.

The works exhibited include art, fashion, sculpture, photography, ceramics, jewellery - even shoe-making. The exhibition was at the Yu Gallery, part of the prestigious Yu Yuan (gardens) which are more than 400 years old and attract six million visitors every year. The exhibition ran from May 8 to June 9 and had exclusive use of the gallery.  

It is expected that the Anything Could Happen exhibition will boost Dunedin's reputation as a centre of artistic excellence. "Our artists and designers are not constrained by convention. Dunedin has always nurtured an innovative and diverse cultural scene and what you see in the show is a snapshot of our city’s creative energy and style.” 

June 2017

Image credit: David Shields