Strong learning design helps students gain essential skills and capabilities.

Quantity surveying students all need to learn how to estimate, to make an educated guess at the costs of construction. This involves predicting the project needs for materials, labour, plant and equipment, each at their unit prices, and factoring in indirect costs like providing water and electricity on site. Traditionally this has been taught using a Schedule of Quantities (SOQ) and a spreadsheet.

Nayani Pabasara Landage, a lecturer on our Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying), has been investigating alternative teaching methods that could help students learn this essential skill.  Getting groups of students discussing what they are doing and working in groups is beneficial, and also teaches teamwork, an essential workplace capability. Most of these students don't have prior experience in the construction industry, so field visits to construction sites are also useful for them to gain an understanding of the practical issues and context for their work.

Nayani will now be implementing these collaborative learning strategies in her learning design to benefit students next year. 

January 2020