Moving well

Simon Body investigates how to overcome physical limitations.

With a background in elite tennis coaching, Simon's philosophy is that if you want to do something tactically, you have to be able to do it technically - which depends on being able to do it physically. The same principle applies in everyday life: if you want to hang the washing out, you need to be physically able to lift and carry a heavy basket safely, bend down, and stretch up. So Simon has been investigating how to assess and diagnose limitations in movement. There are some structural limitations that can't be corrected, but the goal is to overcome limitations if possible, to improve or extend the range of movement where necessary.

Simon, a Lecturer in our Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, undertook a thematic analysis of six selected texts about movement dysfunction and correction. He compared the results with other techniques that he knew from experience worked with some people, to understand why they worked and hence for which people they might be useful. 

Simon developed a process to follow in diagnosis of movement dysfunction and correction, which he will pass on to his students. It's relevant for them as they move into roles as strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, and massage therapists.  


October 2019