One product at a time, we can incrementally improve the sustainability of our lifestyles.

If we haven't reached it already, we are probably nearing the point where sustainability matters in every industry and for every product. In dishwasher design, using less water and less energy is important to enhance sustainability, achieve international efficiency ratings, and appeal to consumers.

Adam Liberatore, one of our Engineering Technologies lecturers, has until recently also been employed in Fisher & Paykel Appliances' product development team, working on DishDrawer development. His work focussed on improving the spray arm and filtration system, to increase performance and decrease water and energy usage.

Adam's research process begins with root cause analysis to inform concept development for alternative design approaches. His proposed technical solution is expressed in a CAD design, which is first tested by simulation. Prototype design, fabrication and testing follows. The research process is iterative with analysis of results form each round of tests informing the next stage of the design. The thorough process ensures that a product upgrade implementing these changes will save water, and will do so without compromising the dishwasher's performance.

June 2020