Increased collaboration would strengthen the Computing and Information Technology research community.

CITRENZ, Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand, came into being in 2010, bringing together educators and industry representatives. CITRENZ aims to help prepare work-ready graduates for employment in computing and information technology. Every year members share focused and applied research at a conference. After ten years it was timely to undertake an overview of this research.

Information Technology lecturers Krissi Wood, Adon Moskal, Grayson Orr and Joy Gasson analysed papers published in the conference proceedings for 2010-2019. The topics of the papers showed that students have been a consistent focus of this research, not surprising given CITRENZ's aim. Teaching strategies, technology innovation and other issues concerning computing education are covered. Two thirds of the papers have been written by just one or two authors, and most collaborations are within one institution.

This suggests that the research community is somewhat fragmented. There is scope for computing and information technology researchers to increase collaboration, especially with researchers in another institution, to help strengthen this research community.

May 2021