Matt Galloway's exhibition at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery explores immigration issues.

On 26 March 2016 the New Zealand Herald published an article written by Fran O'Sullivan, entitled "Key's vision: Switzerland south". She retells a scenario of a hypothetical terrorist attack which Sir John Key had presented, the risk that terrorists might use the refugee crisis as an opportunity. The article questioned how New Zealand might benefit from being geographically remote from areas of political instability, by attracting those who could afford to reach this "bolt hole".

As a Senior Lecturer in Design, Matt Galloway used design tools and methodologies in his research to explore the implications of Key's hypothesis, for example for border control, freedom of movement, and national identity. These different threads were teased out in interviews and his art practice, providing perspectives on the issues.

Matt's exhibition contributes to consideration of important issues of immigration policy, terrorism, the refugee crisis and political commentary, and prompts further public discussion. 

August 2018