We have arranged for McRobie Studios to take a photograph of everyone who crosses the stage at the Graduation Ceremony. Photographs will be taken as degrees are conferred and awards are presented.


These photographs, along with frames and mattes with the Otago Polytechnic logo*, will be available to view and order online at McRobies.


Alternatively, you may write, email or phone McRobie Studios. Please state the date of the ceremony, the graduate’s name and the page number they are listed on in the Graduation Booklet. It also helps to add some descriptive details, such as male/female, hair colour and length, any distinctive clothing from the waist up, such as suit or dress colour, tie, jewellery,  etc.


Contact details:

McRobie Studios, PO Box 11019,

Musselburgh 9049, DUNEDIN

Phone/fax: 03 477 5801,