In an emergency

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What is FREE TEXT 4177?

In an emergency you may receive a text alert from the number 4177. If you are a student or staff member, we recommend saving the 4177 number in your phone under the name 'OP Emergency'. You can also use the number to report an emergency.

Step 1: In an emergency, please call New Zealand emergency number 111In New Zealand, the number to call if you need Fire, Police or an ambulance in an emergency is 111.

Step 2: If it is safe, please text 4177 with your location and incident type to alert our incident response team.

Evacuation procedure  

On the continuous sounding of the alarm:

  • All occupants must evacuate the building in an orderly manner via the stairwell or nearest designated exit. The lift must not be used. 
  • All doors should be closed when the area is clear. 
  • Occupants should assemble in a designated assembly point clear of the building. 

Refer to evacuation plans displayed in hallways and classrooms for assembly points. 

Occupants must not return to the building until an all clear is given. The all clear is usually given by intermittent short bursts of the fire alarm sounder, or as instructed by the Building Warden or the Fire Service.


Earthquake evacuation procedure

  • Stay where you are.
  • Move no more than a few steps to a safe place, then drop, cover and hold on.
  • If inside, get under a heavy piece of furniture or a doorway, or stay low alongside an inside wall. Keep away from windows.
  • If in a lift, stop at the nearest floor and get out.
  • If outside, stay outside and keep clear of buildings and power lines.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

There are 6 AED located on and around campus:

  • A Block – Adjacent to Room A120a
  • H Block – Lift Lobby
  • L Block – Main Reception Area
  • Z Block – Sargood Centre – Tapuae (Gymnasium)       
  • M Block – Manaaki – Student Health – Treatment Room 
  • Roberston Library - Lending Area, Bottom of main stairwell (not owned by Otago Polytechnic)

A defib is also available at Central campus

For a map of AED locations in the greater student area please check out AED Locations


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