Principal’s Leadership Scholarship


This scholarship is to be awarded to a student who has shown leadership inside or outside the school community. One Scholarship will be offered at the discretion of the Principal of each school in the Otago and Southland regions for payment of a reduction in tuition fees for a chosen programme at Otago Polytechnic.


The following conditions apply:

  • Candidates must meet the academic entry criteria for their chosen programme of study.
  • Where places on a course or programme are limited, normal selection criteria will apply.
  • Multi-year scholarships are available for a maximum of three years. Study must be continuous within the same programme. 
  • A three-year, multi-year scholarship which includes a bridging programme and the first two years of a health degree. The student would be responsible for the full fees of the third year of the degree.
  • All multi-year scholarships will only be redeemable in the second and third years if the student has been successful in the prior year. Successful means maintaining full-time study and passing in at least 50% of the course.
  • This scholarship entitles the recipient to a $1,500 per year reduction in course fees for a full-time, full-year programme, or $750 for a full-time, one semester programme. If the programme differs from the standard FTE or is part-time, then the amount will be worked out on a pro-rata basis.
  • Students can only receive one Otago Polytechnic scholarship in any one year. 
  • This Scholarship applies to Domestic students only.


Process for application:

  • The Principals of schools in Otago and Southland will select the students who will be offered these Scholarships.
  • Students are encouraged to advise their Principal and/or Careers Advisor of their intention to study at Otago Polytechnic to ensure that their name is put forward as a potential candidate for consideration for this Scholarship.
  • The names of the nominated candidate will be provided to the Otago Polytechnic Scholarships team by the school’s Principal by emailing to 
  • Nominated candidate returns Student Acceptance form signed by both candidate and Principal.
  • Please contact the Otago Polytechnic regarding any available representatives that are able to attend the prize giving ceremony. 


Information and application forms is sent to School Principals by the end of Term 2, nominations close at the end of Term 3.