Night classes

 Night classes run in short blocks throughout the year. They are usually in the evening but we have some day classes too. They are a chance to develop new skills, refresh familiar ones, or simply enjoy doing what you love. They are not assessed but you can gain skills that may lead you toward qualifications. We have a wide range of subjects so explore the website and pick from what is on offer.



Introduction to Life Drawing night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Life Drawing night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Printmaking morning class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Screenprinting night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Introduction to Jewellery night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Jewellery night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Ceramics night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Introduction to Ceramics night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Introduction to Painting night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Painting night class

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime

Sculpture night class: Ceramics

  • Starts anytime
  • Apply anytime




Can I buy a voucher for night classes to give to someone as a gift?

Yes, vouchers can be purchased at Customer Services, in the main entrance to Otago Polytechnic on Forth St. The recipient is instructed to email quoting the voucher number to book the class of their choice (subject to availability).

How to enrol?

To enrol onlinesimply select the class of your choice from the class list above, and click on the APPLY tab in the top right corner of the page. This will take you to our Eventbrite page where you can apply and pay online.

To enrol in person, visit Customer Services at Otago Polytechnic, in the Main Entrance on Forth St, where staff will assist you with completing an application form. 

Confirmation: You will receive confirmation of your enrolment via email.


Can I cancel my enrolment?

To cancel your enrolment please email Please note that you need to cancel your class BEFORE the start date in order to get a refund.

Can I enrol for a full year?

Yes. Simply enrol four times in each of the four terms. You will have to pay at the time of enrolment.

Can I pay using internet banking? Can I pay off the fee in instalments?

Payment by internet banking is not available. You can only pay using credit card. You are required to pay in full at the time of enrolment. There is no option to pay the night class fee in instalments.

I have decided I want to do a different class. How do I change from one class to another?

To change classes, please email You will only be able to do the class you want to if there are spaces available.

Where do I go?

The Dunedin School of Art is located in Riego Street which is accessible off Albany Street.  A campus map is located here

What time does my class start?

Classes start at 6pm and end at 8pm. The only exception to this is on Wednesday. Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow time to set up.

What do I need to bring, and where do I purchase supplies?

Look under the ‘Materials’ tab for what to bring to class. Art Zone and Warehouse Stationary are the 2 main art supplies shops in Dunedin. Art Zone is located in Hanover St, and Warehouse Stationery is at 398 Cumberland St, and inside The Warehouse at 64 Hillside Road, South Dunedin.  

Some specialised materials can be bought from your tutor in class. Feel free to bring images that you would like to use in your work.

Please note: if you can’t find a particular material, ask your tutor about it during the first class.

What level do I need to be at to do the non-Introduction classes?

If you have a small amount of previous experience in a subject you can do the non-Introduction class. If you are in doubt, it is best to do the Introduction class in a subject; and it never hurts to go over the basics. After doing the Introduction class for one term, you can progress to the non-Introduction class the following term.

Do classes build on previous lessons from term to term? Or do they repeat the same content each term?

There is a mix of new information each term, for those who are doing the same class all year, but also a repeat of the same class each term for those attending for the first time. You can start a class at the beginning of any of the 4 terms. In many subjects, you can progress from the Introduction class to the non-Introduction class. Many students attend Art Night Classes in order to work on their own projects, with individual attention and guidance from the tutor.

Do I have to be a current tertiary student to do Night Classes? Do I have to pay international fees?

Art night classes are open to everyone in the community, students and public alike. There is no extra fee for international students. The Art Night Classes do not result in a qualification.

I am a high school student, does my enrolment in this night class effect my eligibility for FeesFree?

In the case of the Art night classes, no it does not.  Our classes are offered at Level 1 whereas FeesFree only takes into account anything at Level 3 or higher.

My child is 14 and wants to do a Night Class. Is there an age limit?

Because we are a tertiary institution, students under 16 need to have a letter of permission from their high school principal (also signed by a parent), or parent if home-schooled. Classes are designed for students 16 years and over, so students under 16 will need to be good at working independently to get the most out of Night Classes. Students under 13 years old are not eligible to do night classes. 

I would like to withdraw, can my friend take my place?

We can definitely remove you from this class and your friend is welcome to apply for the same class however there may be a waitlist or other students who have applied first.  We manage a first in first served process so unfortunately cannot guarantee your friend your spot.

Can I start the class after the start date?

It is fine to start a class in the second or third week of term, having missed the first one or two classes, provided there is an available space in the class. You will still be charged the full fee. If you have missed 3 classes, that is generally too late to start. 

It is a public holiday. Is my night class still on?

There are no classes on public holidays.

It is snowing. Is my night class on?

Go to the Otago Polytechnic website homepage  If Polytechnic is closed due to snow, or for any other reason, your class is cancelled for that night.

Do alumni get a discount?

Yes. If you are registered as an Otago Polytechnic alumnus, you can get a 15% discount off your night class fees.

Before you apply for a class, contact to request a discount code.