Sally Thomas

Head of Engineering Technologies

  Adrian Tetlow
Learning Leader

Adrian has been lecturing at Otago Polytechnic since 2011 and is really enjoy the role. He has twenty years experience in Mechanical Engineering and worked for Scott Technology, performing a range of tasks that included: fitting, machining, designing, and onsite installation and problem solving. Adrian teaches 3D computer modeling and Hand Drawing, and spends some time in the workshop.

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Adam Liberatore
Senior Lecturer

Andy Burkert
Senior Lecturer

Avinda Weerakoon
Senior Lecturer

David Bettis
Head, Allied Trades

Gerard Quinn
Senior Lecturer

  Hana Cadzow
Principal Lecturer

Hana has been teaching as part of the Engineering Technologies Team at Otago Polytechnic for over a decade. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, a Master of Arts and a Law Degree. She is passionate about making engineering education a "door opener" for learners rather than a road block and is currently working on a range of initiatives around Degree level Apprenticeships in the engineering space (and elsewhere). She is also a member of the VEE.NZ Quality Assurance Committee and the Engineering Technologies Research Coordinator.

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Joelle Peters
Senior Lecturer

Mark Harmer
Senior Lecturer

  Matt King
Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Academic Leader for Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences
Coordinator of the Investigative Sciences Consultancy
Masters and Doctoral supervisor
Courses: Design, Engineering Project, Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Dr. King is the Academic Leader for Mechanical Engineering and the Research Coordinator for the ECL Department. He has taught in the field of Engineering for over 20 years while also applying his research to the legal community as a Forensic Engineering expert witness on nearly 3,000 cases in New Zealand, Guam, France and the USA for the private sector as well as for Governmental institutions. He is currently the President of the New Zealand Independent Forensic Practitioners Institute.

Dr. King is also engaged in a variety of research projects with his capacity for creative problem solving including research in the fields of Risk Management, Ophthalmology, novel Biomedical devices, and Climate Shift. He is a member of the OP Ethics Board and as an Associate Professor he continues his leadership roles across the polytechnic with a focus on research, and continues to teach Engineering at Diploma and Bachelor level, as well as supervise Masters and Doctoral candidates.

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Matt Slattery-Holmes

Mike Keppel
Senior Lecturer

Namarta Jaswal
Senior Lecturer

  Robert Cooke
Senior Lecturer

Robert Cooke
Senior Lecturer - Maths

Robert joined Otago Polytechnic at the start of 2010 and teaches maths and civil engineering. Formerly, a registered civil engineer with Works Consultancy (now Opus Consultants), and then a maths, science and physics secondary school teacher, Robert now lectures in the trades certificate, engineering diploma and the C.E.E. (students from Kanazawa, Japan) courses.

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Sarah Hexamer

Photo Tony
Tony Green
Principal Lecturer

Zaa-id Shah