Hospitality/Cookery, Food Design, Food & Beverage Service

Are you interested in making and preparing food? With a level three certificate in cookery, you gain the skills and knowledge to work in a commercial kitchen where you will:  

  • Prepare food  
  • Cook food   
  • Wash dishes  
  • Follow food safety legislation  

 Otago Polytechnic’s Level 3 Certificate in Cookery  

 This is a very practical programme; you spend the majority of your time in the Otago Polytechnic training kitchen. Some of your scheduled class time will be in a classroom.  

Some of the things you will learn during this course include:  

  • Food preparation  
  • Cookery techniques  
  • Food safety  
  • Health and safety legislation  
  • Catering for specific dietary requirements  


Types of Assessments:  

There are a number of practical tests for the range of culinary skills you gain and some short formal written tests associated with each course within the programme.   


After you finish the course:  

The Level 3 certificate in cookery can help you can gain employment in a commercial kitchen, such as a restaurant, café, or catering business. Alternatively, you could further your education and enrol in the level 4 certificate in cookery and build on the skills and knowledge you have learnt in the level 3 certificate.  

Also available at the Food Design Institute: 

Food and beverage service and hospitality management (café, restaurant, hotel, accommodation, catering) 

English Language requirements 

  • IELTS 5.5 for Level 3, 4 and Diploma; IELTS 6.0 for Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree 
  • NZCEL Level 3 Applied (Academic) for Certificates and Diplomas 
  • NZCEL Level 4 Academic for Bachelor degree