Information Technology

Do you want to work with computers?  

Otago Polytechnic Level 3 Certificate in Computing: 


You will have 16 hours of classes throughout each week. Outside of these classes you are expected to do around 12 hours of study in your own time to review work that you have been over in class or to work on assignments.  

The class sizes are small with around 15 people in each class so you will be able to get the help you need each lesson. 

What you will learn: 

There are four courses within this certificate where you will apply your learning to what happens within the IT industry. This helps to understand the task you are doing and how it may help you when you get a job within IT.  

  • Industry Skills: Introduces you to specific IT skills which are built on the level 4 certificate and the Bachelor of IT such as time management, communication, team skills, and learn about the what the IT industry is like. 
  • Software Skills: Learning about useful software tools which are used in the IT industry such as Microsoft Office. 
  • Applied Tools: Learning about other software tools which are used widely throughout the IT industry including some which improve efficiency, as well some programming tools 
  • Device Essentials: Gain technical knowledge and experience of IT devices and setup including device selection, configuration and connectivity.  

After you’ve completed level 3: 

Once you complete the level 3 computing course at Otago Polytechnic, you can go on to do the Level 4 Certificate in Information Technology (IT).  

The Level 4 Certificate in Information Technology allows you to build on the industry skills learnt in the level 3 computing course and also more practical skills such as web development, hardware, programming, and operating systems. The Level 4 certificate will then make an easy transition to the Bachelor of Information Technologies.  

Is doing the level 3 course first recommended? (before BIT) 

Both the Level 3 and Level 4 courses are considered bridging courses on the pathway to the BIT Degree.  It really depends on the individual student and how much of a pathway they need before being ready for the BIT Degree.  We find for most students who do not have a good level of English language literacy, that a longer pathway before entering the BIT Degree is more likely to lead to successful studies at Degree Level.  However, we have had some refugee background students who have entered study at Level 4 and were able to be successful.  We tend to meet with the students first where possible and discuss the options with them. 

Job Opportunities: 

Once completing the level 4 Certificate it is possible to gain employment in computer/technology departments of retail stores. 

Gaining a Bachelor in Information Technology allows for employment in a huge range of more specific IT related jobs, where you will be able to utilise your specific IT skills.