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General and Amenity Horticulture | Nursery and Fruit Production | Land Skills | Sustainable Practice  

Horticulturists help with the design, production and maintenance of plants, food and flower crops, gardens and landscapes. 

This global industry is extremely diverse and you could specialise in a number of areas including fruit production, amenity horticulture (care, maintenance and growth of ornamental plantings) or nursery production (propagating and growing plants for sale). 

Horticulturists with a qualification in any specialist field are in demand throughout New Zealand. 

Career opportunities 

  • Commercial and Retail Nursery Worker 
  • Gardener 
  • Park Supervisor/Manager  
  • Orchardist or Viticulturist
  • Irrigation Technician
  • Airport Biosecurity Worker 
  • Conservation Worker
  • Contracts Manager 
  • Vineyard Supervisor/Manager 
  • Horticulture-related Sales Consultant 


Arborists / Tree Surgeons are in demand for their ability to care for, and maintain, trees. Arboriculture is a specialised field involving pruning, felling, transplanting and maintaining the health of trees and shrubs. 

Career opportunities 

  • Demand is high for arborist services and employment opportunities exist within City or District council parks and gardens, with private companies or as a contract climber. 
  • With experience, you could think about self-employment or tree care consultancy roles.