Adon Moskal
Principal Lecturer Adon.Moskal@op.ac.nz

Adon Moskal is a principal lecturer in IT at Otago Polytechnic. His current research interests are around learning analytics, student evaluation of teaching, and ways of incorporating technology in the classroom to support teaching and learning.

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  David Rozado
Associate Professor David.Rozado@op.ac.nz

David Rozado holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems from Boston University, a M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from the Free University of Berlin and a Ph.D in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Madrid. David joined Otago Polytechnic early in 2015. His main areas of research are Machine Learning, Computational Social Science and Accessibility software for users with motor impairment. He currently teaches Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Advanced Algorithms, and final year Studio.

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Donna Kennedy
Lecturer Donna.Kennedy@op.ac.nz

Elise Allen
Principal Lecturer Elise.Allen@op.ac.nz

  Grayson Orr
Senior Lecturer Grayson.Orr@op.ac.nz

Grayson is a Senior Lecturer and Second and Third-Year Coordinator in the Bachelor of Information Technology programme. Grayson has qualifications in Information Technology and Tertiary Education from Otago Polytechnic. Grayson teaches first, second and third-year game, mobile and web development courses. Grayson holds various external roles in assessment design and development, and quality assurance.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/graysonljorr

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  Hymie Abd-Latif
Principal Lecturer Suhaimi.Latif@op.ac.nz

Hymie joined Otago Polytechnic in Auckland on March 2016 then later Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin on August 2019, currently a Principal Lecturer for Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Independent Learning Pathway Programme (CapableNZ)at the College of Work-Based Learning.

He has a PhD in Engineering from Massey University New Zealand, an M.Sc.in Computer Information Engineering, and a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education from Otago Polytechnic. A member of IEEE, Engineering NZ, and Diversity Works.

He worked on Protocol Design for Real-time Multimedia Communication over High-Speed Wireless Networks, during his Doctoral degree where he developed a novel Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol by optimizing the contention and contention-free periods in the superframe according to the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of the traversing interactive multimedia applications traffic.

Hymie is actively conducting research in Wireless Body Area Network, Assistive Technology, Educational Technology and Experiential learning in TVET/Vocational Education


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Joy Gasson
Senior Lecturer Joy.Gasson@op.ac.nz

  Krissi Wood
Lecturer Krissi.Wood@op.ac.nz

Krissi is a BIT graduate from 2005, who has returned to the Polytechnic after a number of years in Industry. She is a lecturer in the School of Information Technology, where she teaches Programming and Databases in the Bachelor of Information Technology. Her main area of research is in Computing Education.

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Martin Junek
Lecturer Martin.Junek@op.ac.nz

Paul Admiraal
Lecturer Paul.Admiraal@op.ac.nz

  Rachel Trounson
Senior Lecturer Rachel.Trounson@op.ac.nz

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Education) from Otago University, and then graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology from Otago Polytechnic in 1999. I started teaching night classes at Otago Polytechnic while in my final year of the BIT degree. I currently teach in the Certificate in Information Technology level 3 and level 4, focusing on Software Applications , Web and Programming.

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Vaughn Malkin
Lecturer Vaughn.Malkin@op.ac.nz

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

  Hamish Smith
Senior Lecturer Hamish.Smith@op.ac.nz

Hamish has been teaching computing since 1994 and teaching at Otago Polytechnic since 2007. Since 2009, his roles have been split between Programme Manager / Team Leader and teaching in the fields of software packages, computer networking, hardware, operating systems and project development. Hamish is involved in his local church, as well as other community involvement. He has a passion for supporting his local communities.

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  Michael Holtz
Team Leader Michael.Holtz@op.ac.nz

Michael is the Head of IT. He has extensive industry experience in network design, operations, team management, technical training, and service delivery management. Michael teaches networking within the Bachelor of IT programme.

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  Rob Broadley
Systems Administrator Rob.Broadley@op.ac.nz

Rob Broadley is the Systems Administrator for the Information Technology programmes at Otago Polytechnic, a role he has held since 2015. Rob has a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and a BA in Philosophy, both of which include studied in Computer and Information Science. He has experience supporting academic and corporate IT environments, from 1st level support through to server administration and contractor relationship management.