Decide what matters.
Build your degree
around it.

The Bachelor of Leadership for Change is for people who want to make a difference. It’s about your own personal growth, filling your knowledge gaps and widening your perspective. Then turning your passion into action ... to make change.


This degree is not for everyone, we want to be clear about that from the very beginning. It’s not for the fainthearted. It’s not for someone who lacks drive or motivation. And it’s definitely not for someone with a fixed mindset. 

This action-centred degree is one of a kind in New Zealand. And for this reason it is difficult to explain exactly what you do. Because honestly, the work is different for every single person in the programme. We even struggled to write the formal programme page for NZQA because it is difficult to put it in a traditional education framework (we did though, don’t worry this is a legitimate and recognised degree programme)!

Bachelor of Leadership for Change


The degree isn't prescriptive. You make it what you want it to be. Leadership for Change guides and supports you to identify a problem, figure out the solution and turn the solution into action. 


What your typical day looks like

You don’t go to class
(unless you want to)

Working on yourself - within a framework to grow your mindset and skill-set

You aren’t given work to do from your lecturer
(unless you ask for it)

Working with our lecturing team - to identify and fill your gaps of knowledge 

You don’t have specific tasks to do
(unless you assign them to yourself)

Networking with experts in your chosen field - to create an action-orientated plan

All of this is wrapped around a project that you create and direct, into action. This project can be anything, but it must have one thing ... your passion. This topic lights the fire in your belly to help make something better. 

profile Fiin 03

 "Some of the most exciting and inspiring thinkers and community organisers in Aotearoa are studying and facilitating the degree – challenging old ways of thinking and devising new ways of doing. It’s an awesome community of learning, and I wanted in!"

Finn Boyle
Bachelor of Leadership for Change

Not sure what your passion is just yet? This is absolutely fine – normal in fact. In year 1 and 2, we support you on a personal growth journey, where you answer fundamental questions that will shape who you are now and who you will be in future:

What do I care about?

What am I good at?

What can I do with all the passion?

The third year brings your newfound personal growth into action, developing and directing a project. Your project could be community-based, family-based, business-based or even taking on the world. The only limits as to what this is, and the impact it will have, are your own.

What lights your fire?

What injustices do you feel strongly about changing?

What motivates you to do and be better?

This is your passion. Let’s spark it up and watch it grow and grow. Create a snowball effect and be the catalyst for real change. We'll support you to do it.


Bachelor of Leadership
for Change


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This is your passion. Let’s spark it up and watch it grow and grow. Create a snowball effect and be the catalyst for real change. We'll support you to do it.



Bachelor of Leadership for Change


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Graduate Diploma facilitator 

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