Natural Sciences

Love working outdoors or with animals? If you're interested in science, agriculture, horticulture, biology or sport, Natural Sciences is for you!  


Want to learn more about beekeeping? Apicullture is one of New Zealand's fastest growing industries.


Veterinary Nursing

Work with animals in veterinary practices, wildlife management, farms and zoos.



Get real-world experience on orchards, vineyards, sports fields and farms.



Become a tree surgeon. Learn to prune, fell, transplant and maintain trees and shrubs.



Gain the skills to work in high-country farming. Learn about farming systems, machinery and infrastructure.


Sports Turf Management

Become a green-keeper or groundskeeper. Learn how to maintain golf courses, cricket pitches, sports grounds and artificial turf.


Bridging options

Our bridging programmes give you the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field of study.


Capable NZ

Working in the industry, but don’t have a qualification? We'll assess what you know against existing qualifications and give you academic credit.