New Zealand Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User) (Level 3)



60 weeks part-time | No full-time option

Delivered through the eCampus. Online activities including readings, discussion forums, research tasks and fact finding. Study is part-time, will be mainly self-directed and is flexible to suit your needs. 

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    Study breaks
  • Online (TANZ)
    2 January 2021
  • Online (TANZ)
    1 January 2021

Delivered online through eCampus NZ

Do you want a greater level of confidence working in the digital tools and technologies space? Or perhaps you want to pursue new career opportunities in this area? 

Understanding, getting to grips with and using digital tools and technology is essential in today’s business world and this Certificate will give you the confidence and skill to move forward. 

On completion of this programme, you will have intermediate level computing user skills and be ready for an entry level role in a wide range of organisations.

Please note: Learners under the age of 18 cannot apply for this programme.

Want to study face-to-face?

No problem. We also offer this programme at our Dunedin Campus

What will I learn? 

Master the spreadsheet.

Knowing how to develop and complete a spreadsheet and database efficiently is a core skill in a corporate environment. 

Learn the rules.

There is an online etiquette and you ignore it at your peril. The digital world has opened up so many opportunities and it’s a fast changing world but it’s not a world without barriers or ethics and if you want to be part of it you need to get to grips with the unwritten rules. Learn how these apply to you during this programme.  

Best practice learnings. 

Learn the fundamentals and best practice techniques of web development. How do you use colour, imagery and icons? How do you select fonts and ensure effective architecture? If these questions are keeping you awake at night then this programme might just give you peace of mind. 

Entry requirements 

If you need to improve your English Language skills, we offer a wide range of English programmes. Contact us for an assessment.

COVID-19 vaccination information

As this programme is delivered fully online, you do not need to provide us with a My Vaccine Pass.

  • You will need to provide us with a valid My Vaccine Pass if you want to visit an Otago Polytechnic site for any reason while you are studying with us (e.g. meetings, events, presentations) or attend graduation in person at the end of this programme.
  • You do not need to provide a valid My Vaccine Pass if you are attending on campus health services (e.g. student health, Kowhai Centre).
  • In exceptional circumstances, exemptions may be granted to this. You can find out more about this in our vaccination policy. If you think you have grounds to be exempt from our vaccination requirements, please email    

You can find more information about our vaccination requirements here. And, if you still have further questions, please visit our FAQs page which you can find here.

Your workload

This programme is made up of six courses with a total of 600 learning hours. This breaks down to approximately 10-20 hours per week if you're studying part-time.  

Depending on your previous academic online experience this may vary a little. 

Programme structure

Course title



Learning hours

Operating in a Digital Environment




Spreadsheets and Databases




Web Fundamentals




Presenting in a Digital Environment




Going Mobile




Online Etiquette and Ethics








Course descriptions   
1. Operating in a Digital Environment

To enable students to participate in a digital environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Create work/study related documents using word processing skills.
  • Communicate with people/organisations using digital communications technologies.
  • Apply search skills to find information online.
  • Troubleshoot and fix basic hardware and software problems.
2. Spreadsheets and Databases

To enable students to manipulate and integrate data across applications.

Learning outcomes

  • Use a spreadsheet and database to organise data for specific purposes.
  • Plan and create spreadsheets and databases to provide a solution for organisational use.
3. Web Fundamentals

To enable students to complete basic manipulation of a webpages and images

Learning outcomes

  • Use basic web editing software to create and modify webpages and images to specified requirements.
  • Apply professional practice to the design of webpages and images.
4. Presenting in a Digital Environment

To enable students to deliver a presentation online.

Learning outcomes

  • Plan and create a presentation according to a brief.
  • Deliver a presentation using presentation software.
5. Going Mobile

To enable students to access data on a variety of digital devices.

Learning outcomes

  • Synchronise data across digital devices and platforms.
  • Research and report on the use of BYOD (bring your own device).
6. Online Etiquette and Ethics

To enable students to operate securely and professionally in a digital environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply appropriate ethics, standards and practices to comply with legal and organisational requirements.
  • Identify risks when using digital tools.
  • Communicate effectively online.
Further study options   

Graduates of this qualification may progress to:

Career opportunities for graduates

This qualification can complement other qualifications in specific industries. Graduates may also be equipped to attempt optional industry certifications at the appropriate level.

On completion of this course, you will have intermediate level computing user skills and be ready for an entry level role in a wide range of organisations.

Student loans and allowances 

Full-time domestic students of this programme are eligible for student loans and allowances (dependent on age and financial circumstances.) Please contact Studylink for additional information. Phone 0800 88 99 00 or visit:

Recognition of prior learning 

If you already have extensive knowledge and skills gained from practical experience in this area, enquire about our recognition of prior learning process at Capable NZ. You may have already gained credits towards this qualification in the course of your life.