New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4)



20 weeks full-time | 40 weeks part-time

Online activities: readings, discussion forums, research tasks and fact finding. Study will be mainly self-directed and is flexible to suit your needs.

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  • Online (TANZ)
    2 January 2021

Delivered online through eCampus NZ

Take that first step towards a career in IT. 

IT is a global industry and the right qualification will create a whole world of opportunities for you. If you've decided that a career in IT is what you're after then this qualification is a great starting point. 

On completion of this programme, you'll be ready to seek our entry-level roles in the IT industry or with further study, career possibilities include business computing, technical support, hardware, software, database, web development and much more.

Please note: Learners under the age of 18 cannot apply for this programme.

Want to study face-to-face? 

No problem. We also offer this programme at our Dunedin Campus 

What will I learn? 

Explore software development

Understanding software development and design is like unlocking a door to a whole new world. It’s a world of programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing and it’s a specialised field. This qualification will open that door and provide you with the early building blocks and knowledge to determine if this is the career path for you. 

Learn how to fix the problem!

We all love technology when it works but when things go wrong the love affair can quickly turn to loathing! Having the knowledge to fix common IT problems is a desirable and sought after skill and one you will learn during this programme. 

Organise the office

Information Management Systems can make or break a business. Information is the foundation of every business and effective Information Management Systems can be the difference between failure or success. Learn the role of IT in effective information management and how you can contribute to driving successful outcomes.

Entry requirements 

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COVID-19 vaccination information

As this programme is delivered fully online, you do not need to provide us with a My Vaccine Pass.

  • You will need to provide us with a valid My Vaccine Pass if you want to visit an Otago Polytechnic site for any reason while you are studying with us (e.g. meetings, events, presentations) or attend graduation in person at the end of this programme.
  • You do not need to provide a valid My Vaccine Pass if you are attending on campus health services (e.g. student health, Kowhai Centre).
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Pathways into the programme

This programme is designed as an open entry qualification, and may also provide an education pathway from:

Your workload

This programme is made up of four courses with a total of 600 learning hours. This breaks down to approximately 30 hours per week if you're studying full-time and 15 hours per week if you're studying part-time.

Depending on your previous academic online experience this may vary a little.

Programme structure




Learning hours

Technical IT Skills




Media Design & Development




Information Management




Software Design & Development








Course descriptions 

1. Technical IT Skills

Gain the knowhow to install and configure a new operating system with confidence. You will be able to connect necessary devices; access internet based services and apply basic networking and security systems.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Assemble and disassemble standard computer hardware components
  • Install, configure and use operating systems
  • Apply basic networking and security concepts to connect devices and access internet-based services
  • Communicate and plan effectively with consideration of ethical issues and legislation 

2. Media Design and Development

Learn how to use a range of tools and techniques to develop a website, understand multimedia such as graphics, sound and video required for a successful website and gain knowledge of interactivity, accessibility and management systems.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop specifications for web sites to meet the requirements of a specified brief
  • Use a range of tools and techniques to develop a web site
  • Apply basic concepts of user experience (UX) and accessibility in the design of a web site
  • Communicate and plan effectively with consideration of ethical issues and legislation

3. Information Management

Learn the skills to investigate and deliver information management solutions competently.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Investigate and describe software requirements a range of organisational environments and cultural contexts
  • Plan, design and document information systems solutions to meet organizational requirements
  • Build information systems using appropriate tools to meet business requirements
  • Communicate and plan effectively with consideration of ethical issues and legislation

4. Software Design and Development

Learn the skills to create software solutions that meet the brief and the needs of your organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use mathematical and logical concepts to solve specific problems
  • Plan, design, and document software solutions
  • Develop software to conform to best practice programming standards
  • Communicate and plan effectively with consideration of ethical issues and legislation
Further study options

Graduates may progress to:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology (Level 5)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology Technical Support (Level 5)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Information Systems (Level 5)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5)
  • New Zealand Certificate and Diplomas in Information Technology as a Profession
  • New Zealand Diploma in Software Development (Level 6)

or similar qualifications. This qualification may also equip learners to attempt optional industry certifications at the appropriate level.

Career opportunities

The intention of this qualification is primarily to provide a pathway to further IT study.

Graduates of this certificate will have the transferable skills and knowledge to work in a range of entry level support roles in an organisation, which may include business support or retail roles, and some roles in the IT profession under broad guidance.

Student loans and allowances

Full-time domestic students of this programme are eligible for student loans and allowances (dependent on age and financial circumstances.) Please contact Studylink for additional information. Phone 0800 88 99 00 or visit:

Recognition of prior learning 

If you already have extensive knowledge and skills gained from practical experience in this area, enquire about our recognition of prior learning process at Capable NZ. You may have already gained credits towards this qualification in the course of your life.