Learner Awards

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17 June 2022
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Chief Executive
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17 June 2024
Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery
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To outline the purpose, criteria, nomination, and selection of Learner Awards.


1           Awards are open to all learners enrolled 0.5 Equivalent Full-time Student (EFTS) or greater in full-time programmes at Otago Polytechnic Limited. The awards are:

  • Otago Daily Times Award (one thousand dollars ($1,000)) for personal achievement in studies at Otago Polytechnic Limited.
  • Otago Polytechnic Limited Education Foundation Achievement Award (seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750)) for outstanding achievement in exceptional circumstances - academically, personally, or institutionally.
  • Otago Polytechnic Limited Excellence Awards (two (2) at one thousand dollars ($1,000) each) for graduating learners who have shown excellence in their field of study.

          Awards cannot be received by the same learner in two (2) consecutive years.

3           Awards will be presented at a graduation ceremony and acknowledged in the graduation programme.  In exceptional circumstances, learner awards will be sent to awardees where there is no graduation ceremony.

4           The Learner Award Evaluation Panel is:

  • Deputy Chief Executive (DCE): Academic Delivery.
  • Head of College representative.
  • Otago Polytechnic Limited (OPSA President (or OPSA nominee)
  • OPSA President or nominee

5           No award will be made if, in the view of the Learner Award Evaluation Panel, none is justified.

          The nomination process will be facilitated by the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery.

          Nominations may be made by any learner/group of learners or staff member/group of staff.

          Annual Timeline:

  • Mid-September – call for nominations.
  • Early November – nominations close, convene Learner Award Evaluation Panel.
  • 15 November – decisions notified to Academic Registry.
  • 30 November – awards assembled and delivered to Academic Registry.

9       Each year the Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery will correspond with external donors sending thanks and reconfirming continuation.

Approved by:

Approved by:

Dr Megan Gibbons

Chief Executive

Date: 17 June 2022


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