Learner Awards

Approval Date
1 December 2018
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 September 2019
Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery
Baldrige Criteria
Customer focus

To outline the purpose, criteria, nomination, and selection of Learner Awards.


1           Awards are open to all learners enrolled 0.5 EFTS or greater in full-time programmes at Otago Polytechnic Limited. The awards are:

  • Otago Daily Times Award ($1,000) for personal achievement in studies at Otago Polytechnic Limited.
  • Otago Polytechnic Limited Education Foundation
  • Achievement Award ($750) for outstanding achievement in exceptional circumstances - academically, personally, or institutionally.
  • Excellence Awards (x 2 at $1,000 each) for graduating learners who have shown excellence in their field of study.

          Awards cannot be received by the same person in two (2) consecutive years.

3           Awards will be presented at a graduation ceremony and acknowledged in the graduation booklet.

4           The Evaluation Panel is:

  • Deputy Chief Executive (DCE): Academic Delivery.
  • Head of College representative.
  • OPSA President (or OPSA nominee).
  • Convenor of the Student Sub-Committee.

5           No award will be made if, in the view of the Evaluation Panel, none is justified.

          The nomination process will be facilitated by the Executive Assistant to the DCE: Academic Experience (currently via  www.surveymonkey.com/).

          Nominations may be made by any learner/group of learners or staff member/group of staff.

          Annual Timeline:

  • Mid-September – call for nominations.
  • Early November – nominations close, convene evaluation panel.
  • 15 November – decisions notified to Graduation coordinator.
  • 30 November – awards assembled and delivered to Graduation Coordinator.

9       Each year the  DCE: Academic Delivery will correspond with external donors sending thanks and reconfirming continuation.