Polykids - Emergency Procedures

Approval Date
1 May 2019
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 May 2021
Manager: Polykids Childcare Centre

In an emergency, staff are aware that the safety and well-being of all children, teachers, and others in the building, are paramount.


Licensing criteria:         

HS4; HS7; HS5; HS6; HS8


National guidelines:     

Te Whariki - Well Being/ Mana Atua : Children experience an environment where they are kept safe from harm.

  • All staff and teachers will make themselves aware of the emergency procedures. These are outlined by the Otago Polytechnic and are located around the Polytechnic campus and in designated areas in each building and department - please see the attached.
  • A current Fire Evacuation Scheme is approved by the NZ Fire Service.
  • Regular fire, earthquake and evacuation drills are carried out and documented.
  • Fire protection procedures and the safety of equipment are reviewed at least annually.
  • In the event of an emergency, children will be collected by an authorized adult only.
  • Teachers will remain with the children until all children have been collected. In the event of a child not being collected after 12 hours the teacher will keep the child with them and leave a note for the authorised person detailing where they can be reached.
  • Unless it is not possible to remain, for e.g., encroaching fire, teachers and children will remain on site as instructed by the Ministry of Education and Civil Defence.
  • In case of forced evacuation, such as for fire, the Centre will relocate to the nearest practical shelter such as the University College of Education Childcare Centre in Union Street or the nearest Civil Defence Post. The nearest Civil Defence Post is:  George Street School.
  • The change in location will be documented by a written message left at the Centre entrance and car park entrance.
  • A plan for the safe evacuation of children and staff from the building is prominently displayed at all exit points and on the parent notice board.
  • Portable Civil Defence kits are stored on the premises. Included in these are: current phone list for children and staff, tissues, plastic bags, first aid kit, hand sanitisers, gloves, water purification tablets, torch, transistor radio, batteries, a can opener, pens, and paper.
  • We reserve the right to close the Centre in event of multiple occurrences of serious contagious disease or flu pandemic.
  • In a Lock Down situation, where the Police requests that we “lock down” all adults and children will assemble and remain indoors, with access to the building locked, until the “all clear” is given by the police. Normal routines will be adhered to as much as possible to minimize stress to all.
  • Text 4177 and advise of your situation.  This will be answered by the Health and Safety Team
  • Communicate with parents and reassure.
  • In the event of a Traumatic Incident call: TI team at the Ministry: 0800 84 8326. Ask for the Traumatic Incident Team.
  • Carry out emergency procedures as appropriate.
  • It is important to listen, record details and try and verify as much as possible.
  • Communicate with/gather the TI response team.
  • Assign roles for tasks if appropriate.
  • Determine who is likely to be affected and help required.
  • Contact Otago Polytechnic media person for all media responses as well as Ministry TI team.
  • As time progresses check in and support each other.
  • Communicate and inform as much as privacy and laws allow.
  • Inform parents and community of support available.
  • Ensure everything kept as “normal” as possible at Centre for well- being of children.
  • Check the paper alongside these procedures:  Managing Traumatic Incidents and Emergencies

Managing Traumatic Incidents and Emergencies