Polykids - Immunisation

Approval Date
1 September 2002
Approved By
Executive Leadership Team
Next Review
1 January 2025
Manager: Polykids Childcare Centre

It is a Ministry of Health requirement that we sight and hold copies of your child’s immunisation certificates, whether the child has been immunised or not. When immunised, we ask that parents keep their children’s immunisations up to date.


National guidelines:     

Te Whāriki - Well Being/ Mana Atua: Children and adults experience an environment where their health is promoted.

  • The Ministry of Health requires that all early childhood services sight and hold copies of a child’s immunisation certificate. This applies whether the child has been immunised or not.
  • These records are confidential.
  • In the case of a confirmed outbreak of contagious disease on the National Immunisation Schedule at the Centre, any child who is not immunised must be removed from the Centre until the incubation period of the disease has passed or there are no more cases reported.
  • The immunisation certificate is located at the back of a child’s “Well Child/Tamariki Ora” Health book. This certificate must be signed by your GP.
  • Certificates can also be obtained from your GP.
  • This Policy has had full consultation with parents.