Results Process for Consultancy

Approval Date
1 May 2019
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 March 2020
Deputy Chief Executive: Learning & Teaching
Baldrige Criteria
Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management

To ensure that the results of assessment of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) units made during the provision of consultancy services are reported to New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).


Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd) provides a range of consultancy services which may entail assessments being made of workers against NQF units. These arrangements differ from ‘regular’ classes in that the funding is on a fee for service basis, as specified in a contract with Otago Polytechnic Ltd and no EFTS are reported.


1.          EFTS will not be generated by such activities.

2.          The fee profile including student health, student association, learner services and ID cards for the learner(s)/class will show a zero fee.

3.          Payment of credit fees to NZQA is the responsibility of the Head of College as these will have been included in the consultancy/workplace assessment fees which the school receives.

4.          Start/finish dates can be for longer periods, e.g., 1 January to 31December in any one year.

5.          No reports are required for the Ministry of Education.

6.          Results are entered into SMS to allow for their extraction and transmission to NZQA, and to provide an audit trail should there be queries from learners in later years.

7.          The learner information entered onto SMS will be limited to that which is required by NZQA for extraction of results, and that which is required by Registry.

8.          All those undertaking this form of assessment must be registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and have a Framework Hook On Number (this will not be an Otago Polytechnic Limited responsibility).

9.          Results must be sent to NZQA following the Otago Polytechnic Ltd reporting of results process - through Registry.


SOP - Results Process for Consultancy



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