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Thank you for agreeing to participate in future promotions of Otago Polytechnic | Tē Pukenga.


Signing this form indicates that you understand the purposes for which your image (photo or video), name and/or statements will be used.


I give permission for Otago Polytechnic | Tē Pukenga to use my photo, video, artwork, name, and or profile for promotional purposes. These may appear in (but not limited to) print publications, online videos, websites and other material aimed at promoting Otago Polytechnic, Tē Pukenga, Polytechnic education and New Zealand as an educational destination. The term of the licence is in perpetuity and the territory is worldwide.


I also give the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, trading as Te Pūkenga permission to use my photo, video, name and/or profile to promote vocational education in New Zealand and New Zealand as an educational destination to the general public anywhere in the world by the same methods and on the same terms as set out in the paragraph above.


I am not aware of any circumstances which might mean that the use of my image by Otago Polytechnic and Te Pūkenga has the potential to adversely affect the reputation of the Polytechnic or Te Pūkenga.


I understand that I have the right to delete my file at any time. Once this request is made it will be applicable to future productions – all existing promotions will continued to be used until they expire or are replaced.


Please forward your request to Otago Polytechnic | Tē Pukenga will use discretion when using any of the above and will not discredit you in any way.

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