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Judith (Jude) Roddick (School of Nursing 1985-2017)

Framed canvas presented by Bachelor of Nursing Graduates 2017, situated in School of Nursing reception.

Jude was a leader in the School of Nursing. In the 1980’s, of our cultural safety journey, as an inaugural member of Komiti Kawa Whakaruruhau, establishing the negotiated partnership between Māori and the School of Nursing to the awarding of a prestigious Ako Aotearoa National Teaching Excellence award  in 2013 acknowledging her contribution to nursing, to teaching and learning.

Jude was a leader of utilising technology in nursing and in the School of Midwifery, an early adopter of online learning, and creating active learning resources. She worked to ensure these were of the highest standard, she received many accolades for her commitment to the further education of health professionals and in particular nurses. Her work became a showcase for visiting lecturers.

Jude loved working alongside students, and it was their interest in her specialty topic, sociology, which sustained her long teaching career. She was immensely proud of student achievements, she loved being at graduation and in particular the special graduation for those who are Maori. She was always present and always supportive. 

Over her 31 years of educating nursing students it is estimated around 4000 students have been in Jude's classes. She knew she made a difference in students’ lives opening up subjects which were initially taboo, and some subject areas not in the public domain, she created a critical lens on our political arena. Social justice and debating Cartesian dualism, the phenomena of mind/ body split were her passion.

Jude’s stories from travel and reading, her love of history, her exploration of the world and ideas, and her critique of justice and inequality in the world carried her esteem across multiple dimensions.

Jude’s travel collections were necessities for teaching. The range was extensive and went from interesting artefacts, beads, cultural icons, photographs, all had a learning, teaching purpose.

Jude’s stories, her love of nursing, her facilitation of learning, her generous spirit are her legacy. The School of Nursing is so very proud of her achievements in so many ways.