We welcomed students from more than 15 countries to the campus today at our final Orientation event for 2022.

Our new students in this intake have come from India, the Philippines, Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Fiji, Albania, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Colombia, Nepal, China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Papua New Guinea.

Some students were new to OPAIC and others had started their studies online in their home countries during the pandemic.

Deputy Chief Executive Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, Gagan Sachdeva, addressed the students at today’s event.

“You are the largest group of students we have welcomed to this campus in a very long time. We have waited for this moment.”

He said he hoped they would have an amazing journey with us.

“I assure you that you are surrounded by some of the most brilliant academic and professional staff in New Zealand if not the world. So, make the most of your time with us here.”

He encouraged them to connect with teachers, other staff, and fellow students.

“This is an amazingly diverse cohort of students. There is hardly any situation in life where you have people from 15, 20, or 30 countries sitting in a room. Imagine the power of that diversity.”

It’s an amazing opportunity to see things from other people’s perspectives and learn from their life experiences, he said.

“These connections will make your journey very, very meaningful and exciting.”

Published on 5 Oct 2022

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