As we approach the end of another busy and rewarding year, we want to celebrate the great mahi with our annual Learner Awards.

 These awards recognise outstanding learner achievement and are presented at graduation (either 16 December 2022 or 10 March 2023 depending on which ceremony the awardee is attending).  
There are three categories:  

  • The Otago Daily Times Award for personal achievement in studies at Otago Polytechnic. 
  • The Otago Polytechnic Education Foundation Achievement Award for outstanding achievement in exceptional circumstances. 
  • The Otago Polytechnic Education Foundation Excellence Award for graduating learners who have shown excellence in their field of study. 

Nomination criteria 

The learner must be enrolled in a full-time programme for at least half the year (0.5EFTS or greater). 

Nominations can be made by any learner / group of learners / staff member / group of staff members. 

Nominations will close at 1.00pm on Friday 18 November. 

How to nominate someone 

We’ve set up a quick and easy online form for you to nominate someone.  Nominate a Learner

If you have any questions about the nomination criteria, please contact Russell Pilkington-Flinn 

Published on 9 Nov 2022

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