Hi everyone,

Thanks for your time at staff day, as we step into 2023 it’s important for us to take the time to reconnect, reflect, plan and build on our strong organisational culture. Congratulations to all our award winners, it was great to recognise the achievements of our kaimahi and kick off the year so positively. Thanks to Megan Potiki for sharing her insights into our values and helping us to consider how we can bring them to life as kaimahi at OP.

Some themes from the morning were:

We’ve had a fast start to the year

We are ahead of our EFT budget, which means we’ve had a ‘fast start’ to our full year target.  There’s still plenty to do, and at this stage we believe we are on target for our full year EFT number (the nifty 5050)

Bring our best with us into the network

We need to take the best of what we do and who we are with us into the new world.  But we need to do it in a way that compliments the band!  We can’t be a solo act anymore!

Bolting and re-bolting…

Expect changes in people, changes in roles, routines, habits, rhythms and structures – expect change.  Don’t read into it too much.  We’ll respond like a transformer, bolting and re-bolting to fit with our dynamic environment

We’ve poured the concrete…

We’re about to see a lot more value for our effort this year.  It’ll still be hard, but just like a building project, the hardest parts are the early stages where you’re spending time and money and not seeing much progress!  We should start to see some clarity and value for our efforts this year – how are you going to leverage this?

Short iterative sprints of common sense!

Let’s make the best decisions we can with the information we have.  Just like our Polynesian brothers and sisters navigated the horizon, we can still put a paddle in the water and move forward even without the full picture.  With a positive and aspirational view of what might be possible, and the expertise to guide the waka, there’s really nothing to stop us!

If you were unable to join us in The Hub or online, you can access the presentations from our All Staff Day here.

Kā mihi,


Published on 13 Feb 2023

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