All kaimahi are required to complete Health & Safety Warrant of Fitness online training annually. Existing staff can complete a refresher quiz, while new staff are required to work through a set of lessons. Short modules on De-escalation and Fraud Prevention are now annual training requirements too - access these modules through this link.  

Developing your capabilities is ongoing and involves actively planning how you will strengthen and build your skills and expertise for your current role and future career aspirations. Plan now how you will make the best use of your PD time and funding. Professional Development learning comes in a wide variety of opportunities such as online modules and courses, reading, networking, peer support and coaching, and attending OP workshops and seminars.

LinkedIn Learning has a wealth of 'how to' tutorials and podcasts for leadership, soft skills, wellbeing, and technology tools. It is available for all OP kaimahi and ākonga. Staff can access it from the OP Tools tab on Tūhono, click the LinkedIn Learning tile. You will automatically be signed into LinkedIn Learning using your OP credentials.

Find out all you need to know about planning your Professional Development at OP here

Check each event below for more details and enrolment.

* please check with your formal leader to be able to use your PD funding to engage with these. 


Tertiary Teaching and Learning

Hui Tūhoto 2023
Join this OP community to kōrero about learning and teaching practice.
Weekly online forum

Neurodiversity hui - ChatGPT session
Thursday 9 March, 1-2pm
More about the OP Neurodiversity Community of Practice

Teaching Excellence Symposium
29-30 June 2023
Online and onsite at Otago Polytechnic 

Ako Aotearoa Professional Learning*

Short online courses and workshops that provide knowledge and skills to develop Māori and Pacific cultural capability, address racism, develop literacy and numeracy skills, provide support for online learners, learn about bullying and de-escalation skills, and explore mentoring and leadership. 

Topics coming up in March and April include a series of one-hour neurodiversity workshops, and sessions covering equity, mentoring, co-operative group learning, and applying Maori cultural capability. 

Visit our Ako Aotearoa professional learning page for more information and to register for specific events*. 

Te Ao Māori

Te Reo Māori for the Workplace
March Series starts 15 March

Introduction to Te Tiriti o Waitangi Workshop (2 day workshop)
Workshops available throughout the year
Next workshop: 29-30 March

Tikanga Māori in the Organisation
June Series starts 6 June

These short courses contribute to completing the Certificate in Bicultural Competency.


Performance Review Training for Leaders
Thursday 27 April, 2-4pm

ATEM Workshops*
Adjust your settings for 2023
Introduction to project management
Coaching: the leadership style that gets results!
Transforming the way you lead: Embraced integrated approaches to mental health
Build collegial universities
Change Management 101

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Works NZ*
Using Design Thinking for Workplace Inclusion
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Management Essentials
Understanding Unconcious Bias

Diversity Session: Imposter Syndrome - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Wednesday 29 March, 2-3pm, Online, Free for Members

March is Dunedin Pride Month - find out about the events happening around Dunedin

Digital Skills

How to use Microsoft Teams  
Step by step guides on how to get the best from Teams  

Safety & Wellbeing

GoodYarn Workshop
Tuesday 28 March

Managing Safety Hīkio Outcomes
Tuesday 14 March

Hazard Management
Thursday 16 March

Using Vault
Thursday 25 May

Evacuation (eVac) Chair Training
Thursday 14 September

Fire Warden/Building Warden Training
Online training course

Harassment and Bullying Prevention Training for Staff
Online training course

Open Minds e-learning for people managers (Mental Health Foundation NZ)
Online Modules

Professional and Personal Skills

AAPNZ - Association of Administrative Professionals*

  • National Webinar: My Journey - Hannah Gibbons, Administrative Professional Award Winner 2023
    Free online - Thursday 9 March
  • H2H Consulting - What's happening out there? A Recruitment Market Update
    Free online - Wednesday 22 March

Privacy Courses from The Office of the Privacy Commissioner

HR Institute of NZ (HRNZ) Webinar Schedule*

  • Managing Mental Illness at Work (virtual half-day) - 28 April 

Business South events & training*

Topics include leadership, project management, communication, presentation skills

 * Please get approval from your formal leader to use your PD funding for external events. 


Online self-directed modules & tutorials

Professional Boundaries

Fraud Prevention and Response

De-escalation Training

Time Management

Stress Prevention and Management

Communication Skills Series

Performance Reviews for Individuals - what do they mean for me?

Career Planning



Safety & Wellbeing Warrant of Fitness 2023

Computer Health & Safety

Introduction to Computer Security

Working Under the Rainbow - LGBTTIF Awareness Training

Copyright and Open Educational Resources (Moodle Training Suite | Start Up Series)

Free self-paced courses from LinkedIn Learning

Giving and receiving feedback

Balancing Work and Life

Talking about Mental Health as a Leader

More information

Professional development is an essential element of performance and improvement at Otago Polytechnic. My
Learning on Tuhono brings together many of the PD opportunities offered at OP. These opportunities can assist
you to keep up to date with education and professional requirements, enhance your skills to be effective in
your role and ensure you have the capabilities to achieve your individual and team performance priorities.
More information about Professional development at OP
List of past PD events posts 


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