At around 10.30am on Tuesday 18 April, we’ll be launching the new Student Hub.

Named Kāpehu (which means ‘compass’ in Māori), this is an exciting moment to reach.

It comes after working alongside our ākonga for the last few months to ensure we’re delivering an online platform which meets their needs. They’ve been involved in the consultation, design and naming of this website and will continue to be involved in content creation and any ongoing enhancements and improvements.

Auckland International Campus will have their own view of Kāpehu and the content that appears on this version will be managed by AIC.

Kāpehu is still a work in progress as there's loads more content we want to add (like a whole School and departments section). 

We’ve sent you all an email with more details but here’s some quick takeaways…

  • When Kāpehu is made live at 10.30am, the screen will appear white for about 10 minutes while old is replaced with new.
  • Ākonga are being sent an email reminding them about the launch – this email holds a list of links to key parts of the Student Hub in case they want to access anything during this time.
  • Kāpehu will have a new web address –
  • Tūhono will also have a new web address to make the split between staff and student hub clearer –
  • Tūhono has had a couple of changes too – the menu items that appear to the right of the top banner image currently have moved into your ‘My profile’ menu (top right); the top-level menu is now clickable rather than you hovering your mouse over them. This is much better in terms of accessibility standards.
  • Some colours and fonts may be affected in Tūhono when we make Kāpehu live. We’re aware that this might happen and will work to resolve it with ISS as quickly as possible.
  • Students will be able to log into Kāpehu with their existing student credentials.
  • All existing web links to the Student Hub should be redirected to Kāpehu and we’ll be checking this after launch – if you spot anything that doesn’t work, please email
  • All staff members can access Kāpehu via Tūhono > Tools > Student Hub / Kāpehu demonstration view.
  • As a staff member, you will see a generic student’s view of Kāpehu. So, it won’t display things like a timetable as the view isn’t linked to any individual learner.
  • If you are a staff member who is also studying, you will need to log into Kāpehu with your student credentials to see your student details (such as timetable or your courses).
  • We’ll be sending some further info about Kāpehu later this week before the majority of our ākonga return.
  • We’re also running some specific training sessions in the coming weeks for those kaimahi who will be working most closely with this platform (invites sent) and, in early May, we’ll be running an online demo session for all kaimahi so keep an eye out for the invite to that.
  • For now, staff will need to load content from the back-end of the CMS. This is what we’ll run through during our demos and training sessions.
  • However, we’re also VERY happy to add content on your behalf so please just continue to log a job for the communications team using our ‘Create something new’ job logging form. You can find that here.

What if I have a question or want to give some feedback?

Great, we want to hear from you!

If you have a question about Tūhono or Kāpehu, please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember that we’re aware of possible colour and font changes to Tūhono so please don’t worry about letting us know about those. If anything is broken or has properly disappeared, that’s the kind of thing that would be super useful to know.

If you have some specific feedback (good or bad), or have a suggestion for additional content for Kāpehu, please fill this form in. We’ll be adding this to Kāpehu so ākonga can submit it too (and you’ll be able to do it via this platform once Kāpehu is live as well).

We really hope you enjoy the new site and are looking forward to showing you it further in the days to come!

Published on 17 Apr 2023

Orderdate: 17 Apr 2023
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