One of the main reasons we’ve created this new-look Student Hub is so it can become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your info. Whether that’s info about your study, your programme or other Polytech stuff, we want you to be able to use this website as your main source of truth. 

And, that means giving you the ability to add your own info/content too! 

So, we’ve made it super easy. 

If you want to add a news item, blog, event or notice, just fill this form in and give us the details. We’ll then add this on your behalf. 

Fill form in here > 

This form will live in the Contact us menu (click ‘Add content to Kāpehu') so you can access it anytime.  

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What’s the difference between news, events etc? 

News items are general pieces of information that you want people to know about. To feature on Kāpehu, news items would need to be related to your study or the Polytechnic in some way e.g. it’s time for students to apply for next year’s Studylink loans and allowances. 

Blogs are more personalised and can be written by an individual or by a group. Although to appear on Kāpehu, a blog will need to have ONE owner/author who is happy to have their name published. A blog can be about anything you feel you want to tell other students about personally e.g. an experience you’ve had, some quick tips on wellbeing that might help other students. 

Events are any kind of event that you’re holding/hosting that is related to the Polytechnic. So, it could be a market day run by fashion students, a bake sale that cookery students are running or a fundraising event that one of you is doing. For an event, please make sure you include:

  • Location of event
  • Start time – end time
  • Date
  • Entry fee / Free entry 

Notices are super casual and can be used as a space to communicate with one another about things you’re selling or looking for etc. (e.g. you’re looking for a flat mate or want to see if anyone has a particular textbook you’re after). We might pop notices in this section for things that are going to happen like fire alarms being tested. Things that aren’t really ‘newsworthy’ but still good to know. 

Important info about requesting content 

  • PLEASE make sure you include all the information we ask for so we don’t have to come back to you for more. This slows things down.
  • Your content won’t be shared instantly as someone in the comms team needs to check it and then make it live. Please plan ahead. If you need something shared by a particular date, please send it to us at least two days before.
  • Sending us something doesn’t automatically mean that it will be shared. We need to make sure it’s appropriate for a shared channel.
  • We’ll let you know when we make your content live and send you a link to the page.

What about new content on pages or extra menu items? 

We've captured everything you wanted us to keep from the old Student Hub and have added some new pages in too. We're going to continue adding content such as Health and Safety information and a new section called Schools and departments. 

However, you're the ones who use this website so we really want to hear from you if there's any content you'd love to see added.  

Let us know via this feedback form - we've already had some great suggestions, thanks for those!

Published on 24 Apr 2023

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