We put this question to visitors to Ka Mua, Ka Muri | Walking Backwards into the Future—the Otago Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga exhibition that closed after a busy six months at Tūhura Otago Museum. The creative, innovative responses did not disappoint!

The most common suggestion was financial literacy, with multiple visitors pointing out the importance of learning how to properly do your taxes and understanding where tax revenue goes.

Ecological and sustainability studies were the next most recommended topics, reflecting an awareness of the need for more training in these areas to develop inventive solutions to environmental concerns. One visitor specifically suggested a course about the connection between the environment and nutrition, content already reflected in the sustainability initiatives of our Food Design Institute, but well worth expanding further.

“Aquaculture would be just fishy” was a pun left on one comment card. We’ll snapper that idea right up.

One professional emphasised the need for technical programmes aimed at the arts, theatre, and events industries:

“After covid our industry was hit really hard and there is a massive need for more trained technicians.”

Younger visitors requested courses on Minecraft and Pokémon, and one eight-year-old suggested the very specific combination of nature and gaming—which promises a bright future for Dunedin’s growing games industry!  

Other topics mentioned included astronomy, space technology, robotics, New Zealand culture, museum studies, artificial intelligence, meditation, art courses for the elderly, and a dedicated MRI programme. So many brilliant possibilities!

Ka Mua, Ka Muri | Walking Backwards into the Future was a huge success, and we’re grateful to everyone who took the time to visit and respond to the exhibition. The hundreds of comments we received demonstrate how deeply our community cares about the future of vocational education.

Published on 17 May 2023

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