The Manaaki Fund is back and applications are now open. 

Just a reminder that the Manaaki Fund has been set up by Te Pūkenga so that if you face unexpected hardship, you can receive the support you need to continue with your study.

How do I apply?

You will need to book an appointment to discuss your funding needs with our Student Success Team or our Te Punaka Ōwheo team.

You can book an appointment here.

Please select the ‘Manaaki Fund support’ option (15 minutes).

Our Manaaki Fund webpage is available here. You can access this anytime as it sits in the Support dropdown menu (in the Other services column).

How do I get support to do this? 

If you want support with this process or have any questions, please email or freephone 0800 762 786. 

Other support options

  • If you identify as Māori, feel free to reach out to our Te Punaka Ōwheo team (Māori Student Support Centre). Email or call 0800 762 786.
  • If you identify as Pasifika, feel free to reach out to our Pasifika Support staff. Email or call 0800 762 786.
  • If you are registered with our Accessibility team as needing to receive accessibility support, feel free to reach out to our staff by emailing or call 0800 762 786.

(Note: If you would like to meet to discuss your Accessibility needs with an Accessibility staff member, please also email or book an appointment here.)

The options above are just for if you need support to move into applying for this fund. If you don’t need this kind of support, please simply book a Manaaki Fund support meeting (15 mins) to discuss your needs.

Thanks for your patience as the logistics of this have been put into place.

Published on 8 Apr 2024

Orderdate: 8 Apr 2024
Expiry: 8 Apr 2026