We had the pleasure of witnessing Snigdha Rupakheti and her peers present their internship projects at the end of May.

Snigdha's journey as an Office Administrator at Elevate Christian Disability Trust was inspiring.

While at Elevate, Snigdha was able to learn that people with a disability provide support and love in extraordinary ways because of their special experiences and challenges, which heighten their sensitivity to the struggles of others.

The individuals at Elevate have not only created a welcoming and encouraging environment for Snigdha, but they have also served as an inspiration through their unwavering willingness to love without conditions.

Key Highlights from Snigdha's Journey:

  • Supportive Work Culture: Snigdha learned the importance of empathy, teamwork, and a supportive work environment.
  • Professional Growth: She developed strong organisational and communication skills, crucial for any administrative role.
  • Community Impact: Inspired by the staff's dedication, Snigdha continued volunteering at the trust, demonstrating her commitment to being a caring and supportive community member.
  • Inspiring Colleagues: Most of the staff at the trust are individuals with barriers, yet they are full of love and a caring heart towards the people they help and Snigdha. Their compassion and dedication deeply moved her.

Snigdha also shared her plans to pursue a Master of Applied Management with Future Skills, reflecting her continuous drive for learning and personal development.

Thanks to Teremoana Va'a, the Drop-In Centre Coordinator, for her mentorship and support, which played a pivotal role in Snigdha's learning journey.

Published on 10 Jun 2024

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