We all need to be vigilant. 

The Digital team has seen a rise in phishing emails.  

Please be careful before clicking on Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint links arriving in your inbox without prior notification. 

These emails are legitimate Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint share invites, so they aren't blocked by our spam filters. 

However, these emails will take you to a phishing site that looks like a genuine Microsoft site, prompting you to enter your Microsoft credentials.

Here is an example. 

Example email
Advice for preventing these attacks 
  1. Don't open any unexpected shared files or links, even if the email is from someone you know. 
  2. Don't click on links from a shared file asking you to log in, verify your account details or open a scanned document. 
  3. If you have opened a shared document and are now asked to 'log in', 'click here' or enter your details, stop and contact the IT Service Desk.
  4. Please also reach out to the IT Service Desk if you suspect an issue. 
IT Service Desk contact details 

Dunedin Campus, Central Otago Campus and distance 

H Block, Level 1, Room H107 

0800 765 948 


Auckland Campus 

Level 1, Room 103 

0800 111 212 



Published on 20 Jun 2024

Orderdate: 20 Jun 2024
Expiry: 20 Jun 2026